If you look up the definition of Administrator you will find the following:

ad·min·is·tra·tor (àd-mîn¹î-strâ´ter) noun
admin., adm.

  1. One who administers, especially business or public affairs; an executive.
  2. One appointed to administer an estate.

How is it that such a complex position can be so easily defined? As a fellow Administrator, I am sure that you will agree that the true definition of our position would be much more complex. Additionally, as Legal Administrators there are some very unique challenges that can further complicate the definition.

Needless to say, the requirements for a Legal Administrator would be "a very diverse set of knowledge and skills in the areas of Accounting, Marketing, Technology, Law, Human Resources and Management." How do we get this knowledge, a degree in Business Administration? That certainly helps, however, there is nothing more valuable than shared experience.

Shared experience is precisely what you can obtain through a membership with the Association of Legal Administrators. The only requirement is that you have a position with a law firm, government legal agency, corporate law department, Judicial Agency or Court in which you have administrative responsibilities.

Your membership opens up doors to a vast amount of knowledge and experience through meetings, seminars and contacts with fellow administrators, as well as potential vendors who serve many law firms. The Gateway Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators is your leading resource on law firm management in the St. Louis area.

If all of this sounds like what you need in order to reduce the complication and/or frustration of your position as a Legal Administrator then becoming a member is as easy as clicking on the button below. You will also be asked to join ALA International. You can get additional information on ALA at the ALA International website

If you would like more information, please e-mail our membership committe at [email protected].

We look forward to you joining our group!

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