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When I began my term as your Gateway Chapter President, I encouraged all members to Get On Board and take the initiative to get involved by volunteering for committees or special projects.  The focus of my term as Captain of our ship was on membership engagement and development, trying to keep seasoned administrators involved, while also engaging our younger members of Generations X and Y.  Technology was key to achieving this goal, and through the implementation of our plan we accomplished the following: 

  • In an effort to enhance our social media presence, we developed, promoted and actively increased activity on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. We commenced regular posts and tweets regarding upcoming meetings, speakers, conferences and events, as well as provided electronic copies of meeting handouts.

  • We set up user friendly electronic renewal membership forms and recruited new members primarily through electronic communication methods.

  • We surveyed members to determine if Skype or video-conferencing would be beneficial for those who could not attend the educational meetings.

  • We utilized audience response technology at an educational meeting to engage Generations X and Y.

My theme for the past year was Cruising Along the Path to Success, building on past successes while moving our Chapter forward into the future.  I could not have accomplished any of this without the support of an extraordinary crew.  I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank them for all they have done to keep our Chapter on the right path.

Lisa Waligorski (President Elect) was my First Officer who assisted me in running the ship smoothly.  She was instrumental in revamping our business partner program and transferring all business partners to the same level with a la carte options.  Lisa will be a dynamic leader for our chapter and she is ready to take over for me next month!

Jeff Feltz (Vice President) was my Second Officer who was responsible for coordinating our Build a Bear contest at the holiday party, assisted with our Strategic Alliance event, assigned Peer Connections to new members, and served on our Business Partner Committee.

Kara Brostron (Secretary) was my Chief Radio Officer responsible for communication operations, preparing the meeting minutes, and served on the Website Committee.

Paul Dalziel (Treasurer) was my Chief Purser responsible for all accounting and finances onboard our ship.

Julie Hill (Immediate Past President and Social Connections Chair) was my Cruise Director responsible for our quarterly social connection events.  Julie also coordinated our Strategic Alliance event, and chaired the Nominating Committee for our newly elected officers.

Jennifer Sloop (Bar Liaison Chair) was my Customer Service Officer responsible for maintaining customer relations with our local bar associations.

Cheri Meier (Business Partner Relations Chair) was my Gift Shop Manager responsible for providing good customer service to all of our business partners.

Derek Cisler (Communications/Newsletter Chair) was my Program Coordinator responsible for our newsletter.  Brenda Bradley graciously stepped up to take over this role at the board meeting last month.

Sherry Smith and Lisa Lange (Community Connections Co-Chairs) were my Shore Excursion Managers responsible for our quarterly community service events.

Michelle Martin (Diversity & Inclusion Chair) was my Chief Diversity Officer responsible for our numerous diversity initiatives for the chapter.

Mary Jennings and Angela Schaefer (HR Section Co-Chairs) were my Employee Relations Managers responsible for coordinating our quarterly HR section meetings.

Sherry Hurst (Legal Forum/Expo Chair) was responsible for the training and development of our members via our annual legal forum and exposition.

Debbie Holland (Professional Development Chair) was my Production Manager responsible for the training and development of our members via our monthly educational sessions.

Brenda Deertz and Kristi Simmonds (Membership Committee Co-Chairs) were my Chief and Assistant Cruise Consultants responsible for recruiting new members, and keeping current members engaged.

Donna Sobkoviak and Sarah Allen (Salary Survey Co-Chairs) were my Compensation Officers responsible for our chapter salary survey.

Christie Rainey (Website Chair) was my Security Officer responsible for our chapter website.  Kara Brostron kindly took over this role earlier this year.

Thanks to all of you for being such a wonderful crew.  I could not have asked for a better group of people to have by my side for the past year.  It is due to your volunteerism and enthusiasm that we have been able to keep our chapter Cruising Along the Path to Success

I look forward to Chairing the Social Connections Committee and Nominating Committee during Lisa’s term, as well as my beginning new role as a Region 3 Representative.  It is now time for me to pass my Captain’s hat to Lisa Waligorski, who will take over the helm of our ship in April.  It’s been a fabulous voyage!

Your Captain,

Patty Barbachem, CLM
Gateway ALA Chapter President, 2013-2014

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