ALA Gateway Supports Alaris Community Project, #InThisTogether

ALA Gateway is proud to support its business partner, Alaris, an Ambassador of the #InThisTogether community project.  Below is a message from Alaris' CEO, Debbie Weaver, with information on how we can support our communities. 


Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues –

At the core and heart of Alaris is community.  We have always supported in many ways the communities in which we live and work, not only in our 7 regional offices, but nationally and globally, it is simply part of our culture, always has been and always will.

As a business that has been significantly impacted by COVID 19, but have much optimism in the fact that we will get through this and come out okay on the other side, there are many businesses that won’t, in addition to the many shelters, first responders, and many others that need help now more than ever. 

A colleague of mine from EO, Entrepreneurs Organization, recently started a community project to support local business and charities.  Alaris is excited to announce that we are an Ambassador in this program,  #InThisTogether movement.  Through these efforts we can give back and assist within the communities that we serve and support those in need.  Here is how it works –

How it works:

  1. Purchase a sticker, shirt or make a donation at this website: 
  2. From the ordering menu select which city you wish to support, highlighted below are the cities in which Alaris resides.
  1. From there the order is processed and the profits are used to purchase gift cards from local food and beverage businesses and local wellness businesses.   We will be sharing on social media the organizations and businesses that we are supporting. 
  1. These gift cards are then distributed to the local community in need. Non-profits receive food and beverage gift cards and the frontline workers including healthcare, postal and grocery store, etc. receive health and wellness gift cards.

We are very thankful to give back to the communities in which we serve, and I hope that you will consider taking the time to make a donation or purchase a t-shirt, a sticker, in an effort to spread love and hope during this difficult time.

I challenge and ask that all of you share this one time, forward it, follow us on social media and help all of us make an impact during these times. 

Thanking you in advance, stay safe, stay healthy. 

Debbie Weaver, CEO


Interested in learning more? Reach out to us today at [email protected] or online

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