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This issue is packed with so many items; it’s hard to know where to begin. Many chapter members enjoyed a wonderful evening of fun and competition when Konica Minolta and Ronnoco sponsored The Battle of the Burger at Weber Grill at The Galleria. Team Guac – took first place – congratulations to Terri Cole, Lou Ann Wilcox, Danielle Skosky and Jennifer Markezich. You won’t want to miss our next social event planned for the fall.


We have a lot of value in our Business Partners and we thought it was time to remind you of everything they offer. Nichole Cornwell, our President-Elect and Legal Administrative Support Manager with Husch Blackwell, provides more information:

Do you ever wonder where to start when you’re thinking of switching services such as hospitality/refreshments, copying, catering, recruiting, document management, furniture, etc.? If you’re a member of ALA, you need not look any further. Here you will find a complete list of Business Partners who connect with Law Firms across the St. Louis Metropolitan area just waiting for a chance to share their services with you!

Business Partners are our primary resource to raise funds designated for educational opportunities for our members. In return for Business Partner’s highly valued investments, they receive unique networking and sales opportunities with all of our members. As a thank you for their time and investment in the organization, please take the time to chat with our valued Business Partners for a few minutes over the phone or meet with them at one of our many events to discuss their services. Like all good partnerships, communication is key! You never know when you will be in the market for a new service or perk for your office.

ALA International also has a member-exclusive VIP Business Partner program with companies that provide services and discounts in technology, cyber security, office products, video conferencing and more. Go to for more information.

Don’t forget about ALA'S LEGAL MARKETPLACE – your complimentary resource for finding business solutions and services that add value to your firm or company. Go to to find more than 200 business partners and profiles, divided by categories.

Our Business Partners may also be interested in Regional and International opportunities. Please visit to learn more.

There is a lot happening in June. Our June meeting covers the dreaded topic of Performance Reviews but Register Now.

Finally in June, don’t forget to participate in the Pride Parade on Sunday, June 25th to show our support for our LGBTQ friends! Your family is invited as well as others in your firm and their families. This is for members and Business Partners. We will meet at noon. Learn more and Register Here.

July will soon be upon us and although it isn’t as busy as June, we will have our monthly chapter meeting on July 19 at noon in Brentwood at 16 West (a current business partner) on the subjects of time entry, billing and collections. All firms seem to struggle with them items, so please save the date and make plans to join us!

Several of the chapter leaders will be traveling to Minneapolis later in July to learn more about chapter leadership and getting our chapter and firms ready for the future.

Have you seen the Legal Management Magazine? ALA has a monthly publication reporting on topics within ALA’s five knowledge areas: Legal Industry/Business Management; Human Resources Management; Financial Management; Communication and Organizational Management; and Operations Management. Members receive an email but if you missed an issue or need to refer to an article, you can access current and past publications by logging into the ALA website. The issues are under the Education tab. 

The ALA Bylaws were recently amended with the most significant change being every chapter member has a vote. The new bylaws can now be found on the ALA website.

ALA’s Awards Program provides several opportunities for individuals, chapters and other law-related organizations (including business partners) to be recognized for their efforts on behalf of ALA and the legal community. Questions regarding these programs can be directed to [email protected].

IDEA Awards - As the undisputed leaders of the business of law, ALA members and chapters are encouraged to strive for excellence. In order to recognize those efforts, ALA launched the IDEA (Innovation, Development, Engagement and Advancement) Awards. The IDEA Awards recognize new practices that deliver great value and transformational impact through innovative achievement. ALA chapters, committees, regions, individuals, firms, business partners and organizations are eligible. Award recipients will be selected based upon their development of unique and innovative programs, services and events that improve our ALA chapters and/or legal communities. Complete guidelines are available on ALA’s website. Entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges, and the recipients will be announced at ALA’s Annual Conference & Expo.

Reach out to Jennie Wyatt with questions at [email protected]. She has served as the chair of the IDEA committee for that last couple of years.

I know this is a lot of information but it goes to show that there is so much information about legal management, sometimes you just need to know where to look. Please let me or any of our chapter leaders know if you need more information on anything regarding our chapter, ALA, and legal management. Thank you!


Brenda Deertz, 2017-18 ALA Gateway President

Senior HR Administrator
[email protected]
100 S. Fourth Street, Suite 1000 St. Louis, MO 63102

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