Message From The President

Trivia Nights. Missions. Circle of Trust. And… ALA Annual Conference in Denver!

It’s the holidays and before you know it… poof… its year-end… it’s the New Year! A new year filled with resolutions that all hope to keep. Many years ago, I said, “bye-bye” to New Year’s resolutions. Instead I decided to do, or accomplish, three times, that year. The first year… go to a movie by myself. Check. Get a passport with no International destination in sight. Check. Get certified to scuba dive. Check. And… for the record… scuba diving isn’t my thing but I am certified. Apparently the like for sea creatures is a must. Start thinking about what your resolutions are going to be… it will be here before you know it.

One thing I am going to put on my list is to go to Colorado to visit my brother and his family, and go to the 2017 ALA Annual Conference. Check. Hotel is booked. The Gateway Chapter is offering 10 scholarships for up to $2,750. The requirements are simple. Get Involved! Click here for more info.

The “undisputed” ALA Gateway Trivia Night is back (by popular demand). It will take place on Saturday, January 28, 2017 and all proceeds will benefit Camp Hope. Sign up to test your trivia knowledge (or if you are like me just come for the entertainment factor) with a table of 8 for a fun evening. And if you have something to donate to the silent auction, contact Jeff Feltz.

The Gateway Business Partners are a HUGE part of our chapter. And… why you keep renewing year after year… Brant Bosley, Royal Cup Coffee, explains it best here. And to renew or become a Business Partner check out the 2017 Business Partner Program.

The mission of the ALA is to be the “undisputed leader for the business of law, focused on the delivery of cutting-edge management and leadership products and services to the global legal community. We identify and provide solutions to the most strategic and operational challenges our members and customers face today, while we prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.” 

I hope you see you at the many upcoming events! Doors open… and my phone works.

Kara M. Brostron, 2016-17 ALA Gateway President

Office Manager
Lashly & Baer, P.C.
714 Locust Street
St. Louis, MO 63101-1699   
Tel: 314.621.2939

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